Balboa Park with Ranger Kim

by Pam Crooks, Illustrated by Joy Raab

What does a Park Ranger do?

This question leads one small boy—Morgan Duclo—on an imaginary journey with his dad—Ranger Kim—around the heart of San Diego’s Balboa Park. Helping lost children is just one of the important things a Park Ranger does, but it reminds young Morgan of all the fun he and his dad have together in the Park.

Along the way, Kim and Morgan revisit some of their favorite places, as they talk about the Park’s early history. The book’s uncomplicated dialogue and charming drawings offer a great introduction to Balboa Park for young children who’ve never been there—and a simple explanation of the Park’s origins for those who have.

Writer Pam Crooks and illustrator Joy Raab team up again to produce this delightful children’s book on America’s Greatest Urban Park!